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Notice: If we are pleased, please read the following document carefully. The Services are provided under the conditions listed below (hereinafter, the “General Conditions of Use” or “Terms of Use”), which must be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy. Browsing the APP and web implies prior acceptance by the User of the General Conditions of Us.
Solucions Immobiliaries Valira Valleys SL may occasionally modify the General Conditions of Use, which will be linked to those that the User accesses to the APP, once the conditions of use of the APP have been published by the Users. Each implementation of notices in these General Conditions of Use will be considered a new version of the same.


1.1 In these General Conditions of Use,

(a) "APP" means the application (computer program) of Solucions Immobiliaries Valira Valleys SL, which includes the assignment space, the contents, the graphics and other varied information contingent on this space, accessible via computer, mobile devices or other electronic media.
(b) "Terms of Use" means these General Conditions of Use.
(c) "User Profile" means the profile generated by the decisions of the User who has authorized Solucions Immobiliaries Valira Valleys SL to collect data in order to be able to offer personalized rates. For more information on the data processed, if you wish, consult our Privacy Policy.
(d) “Privacy Policy” means the provisions of the privacy policy, which can be viewed by clicking here.
(e) Real Estate Solutions Valira Valleys SL
(g) "User(s)" means any natural or legal person who uses the APP, after downloading it and successfully completing the registration in the APP.
(h) "Subscribed User" means the User who has agreed to receive communications from Solucions Immobiliaries Valira Valleys SL. These communications can be made by email, Short Message Service (SMS) or push technology.


2.1.The purpose of the Conditions of Use is to regulate (i) the conditions of access and use of the APP by the User and (ii) the conditions for the provision of the Services.

2.2. The access or use of certain contents or services may require the approval by the User and other additional particular conditions, which complete these Conditions of Use. These particular conditions, due to their special nature, will prevail over these Conditions of Use.


3.1.Solucions Immobiliaries Valira Valleys SL makes available to the User an APP that is intended to be a tool for the latter.

3.2.The provision of the services and benefits included in points 3.1.b) require additional acceptances to those necessary for the enjoyment and operation of the APP.
3.3.Next, you can check all the advantages offered by the APP:

3.4.Tanmateix, consult each one of the proposals, for a conèixer possible additional terms.

3.5.To access the personalized coupons, it will be necessary for you to grant permission to MÉS K BO because it has created a User Profile, in such a way that you can provide personalized recommendations based on your consumption habits.


The owner of the APP is MÉS K BO, SL, with registered office at calle Esteve Albert, Ed. La Roureda, Bloc A, 1-2ª, AD500 Santa Coloma, Andorra la Vella, (Principat d'Andorra), registered in the Registry of Mercantile Companies of the MI Govern d'Andorra with number 21814, tax registration number L-716894-W and contact email [email protected].


The User who subscribes will receive general information about the products of MÉS K BO affiliates, and/or about the benefits of the APP and other information of interest related to the services provided by MÉS K BO, may subscribe to the communications de MÉS K BO through the express acceptance of said communications in the section established for this purpose.


6.1. The User may not use the APP for illegal, illicit or unauthorized purposes by MÉS K BO, if applicable, the User will be solely responsible for such acts. For illustrative and merely illustrative purposes, these actions are included:

  • a) The inclusion of data that is not exact or on which no enabling title that allows its use.
  • b) Infringe the rights of third parties, such as intellectual or industrial property rights. This will also include any action that involves modifying, adapting, appropriating, reproducing, distributing, translating, creating works derived from the APP or its contents or adaptations thereof, except when expressly authorized by MÉS K BO.
  • c) Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the APP, computer systems or devices connected to the APP through hacking, password mining or any other means.
  • d) Violate business secrets or reveal confidential information without the pertinent written authorization of its owner.
  • e) Use the APP or any content of it to transmit any virus, cuc, defect, Trojan horse or any other computer element of a destructive nature.
  • f) Use the APP to breach the security of any computer network, crack passwords or security codes; destabilize or interfere with their security. Eliminate, evade, disable, damage or interfere with the security functions of the APP, functions that prevent or restrict the users or the copying of the contingut of the APP or functions that impose limitations on the users of this.
  • g) Use the information or data obtained in the APP to send postal mail, petitions and any other mass letter, whether it is of a commercial nature or not, or carry out any action that tends to reveal the information or data collected. .


7.1. MÉS K BO holds the intellectual and Industrial property rights, as the owner or licensee, over the content, design and source code of the APP and, especially, including but not limited to, images, texts, logos, designs, brands, trade names, programming arcs, that are included in the APP. The User is warned that these rights are protected by the current legislation of the Principality of Andorra Law 26/2014 of October 30, patents and international law relating to intellectual and industrial property. In each case, access to the APP implies waiver, transfer or total or partial cession of the rights granted by Andorran and international legislation on intellectual and industrial property.
7.2. It is expressly prohibited any use by third parties of any identifying sign similar to those belonging to MÉS K BO that may lead to confusion about its origin or ownership, without prior written authorization from MÉS K BO, only requested through the channels enabled in Clause 12. .
7.3. Tanmateix, the contingut of the APP also considered a computer program, protected by the laws of the Principality of Andorra. Reproduction (except for that which is still permitted by applicable regulations), copying, use, distribution, reuse, exploitation, making copies, sending by mail, transmission, modification, cessation or any other act that is carried out with all or part of the information contained in the APP that has not been expressly authorized by MÉS K BO.
7.4. The User undertakes to use the contents in a diligent, correct and lawful manner and, in particular, undertakes to refrain from deleting, evading or manipulating the "copyright" and other data identifying the rights of MÉS K BO or its collaborators or of their owners incorporated into the contents, as well as the technical protection devices or information mechanisms that are included in the contents.
7.5. MÉS K BO informs that it does not grant a license or implicit authorization on intellectual and/or industrial property rights or on any other right or property related, directly or indirectly, to the contents included in the APP.


8.1. The APP is made available “as it exists” and “as available”. MÉS K BO does not offer any guarantee or representation, express or implicit, regarding the APP: incloent, però sense limitació, (i) l'absència d'errors en aquestes continguts; (ii) the presence of viruses or other harmful components in the APP or in the server that supplies it; (iii) the invulnerability of the APP or the impossibility of violating the security measures adopted for it; (iv) the lack of usefulness or performance of the contents of the APP; (v) the loss of information included in the APP; (vi) the impossibility of access to the APP; (vii) the damages or losses caused, to you or to a third party, by any person who violates the conditions, rules and instructions that MÉS K BO establishes in the APP or through the violation of the APP's security systems.
8.2. MÉS K BO does not guarantee that the APP complies with the necessary standards or that it is free of interruptions, present in the useful time, safe or free of errors, without prejudice to the fact that its best efforts are made to this effect and of having adopted all the necessary measures, within its possibilities and the state of the art, for the correct operation of the APP, as well as to reduce operating errors from a technical point of view.
8.3. As much as MÉS K BO, uses its greatest diligence and experience, does not guarantee the accuracy or exhaustive or total verification of the information contained in the APP, for which reason it is not responsible for its accuracy, compatibility or reliability, especially for that which It continued to be implemented by/or obtained from third parties, for which it is not responsible for the damages or damages that it may cause or derive from its use. If, as a User, you are aware of the existence of illegal, illegal, contrary to law or moral continguts if you plau posi's in contact with MÉS K BO mitjançant the communication channels established in Clause 12.
8.4. MÉS K BO does not guarantee the adequacy of the APP to the needs or expectations of the Users.
8.5. MÉS K BO, will not be responsible to the User for (i) any loss of profits, sales, business or income, (ii) business interruption, (iii) loss of anticipated estalvis, (iv) loss of business opportunities, ( v) damages of trade or reputation, or (vi) any indirect or significant damage or loss.
8.6. MÉS K BO cannot guarantee the day or time of response to any email, telephone contact, written message or communication through the APP. MÉS K BO assumes no responsibility for any failure or delay resulting from any liability assumed beyond the reasonable control of MÉS K BO.
8.7. In all cases, the responsibility of MÉS K BO that may derive directly or indirectly from any breach of its commitments or, in general, from the operation of the APP, will be limited to the cases in which it did so.
8.8. The User will be responsible for the custody and protection of the clauses or passwords generated by the APP, in case of loss or theft or possible impersonation, they must notify MÉS K BO as quickly as possible. Failure to do so, MÉS K BO is not responsible for what may be given in return. L'Usuari will be able to change mitjancant a verification process; in canvi de clau automatically.
MÉS K BO is not responsible for any malicious acts that may be intercepted by third parties from the passwords of the Users.
8.9. The User who includes data from a third party must previously inform the third parties and have their authorization.
8.10. The User is solely responsible for the veracity of the data that they register through the APP, obliging themselves in any case to keep the data updated.


9.1. The User will have the possibility to unsubscribe from MÉS K BO, voluntarily and at any time, by sending an email to [email protected] expressly stating their will and sufficiently proving their identity. If there are pending obligations of the User with MÉS K BO, these must be fulfilled prior to cancellation.
9.2. In the event that the User faci d'ús de l'APP MÉS K BO, during five (5) consecutive years will donate money to the initiation of the procedure to unsubscribe from the APP.
9.3. MÉS K BO will proceed to process the withdrawal within ten (10) business days following the notice of withdrawal of the Subscribing User sol-licitant the withdrawal, tret that concurrin causes tècniques or de força major that poguessin impedir-ho.
9.4. The criteria included in clause 11.1 will remain vigilant provided that the Particular Conditions or other particular conditions accepted by the User and related to the Services do not indicate otherwise. The Particular Conditions accepted by the User will prevail over these General Conditions of Use.

9.5. MÉS K BO reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the APP, or suspend or exclude Subscribed Users in the event that they engage in reciprocal behaviors in Clause 8.


10.1. Any complaint or claim, communication, notification must be addressed in writing to Carrer Esteve Albert, Ed. La Roureda, Bloc A, 1-2ª, AD500 Santa Coloma, Andorra la Vella, (Principat d'Andorra) directed to MÉS K BO.

By email: [email protected]

10.2. MOST K BO is committed to reselling the questions raised in the shortest possible time and providing the best security in the responses and, in all cases, within one (1) month.

10.3. Communications or claims may be made in Catalan, English, French or Spanish.


11.1. MÉS K BO is not responsible for the legality of other third-party sites with access links to the APP, nor is it responsible for the legality of other third-party websites or APPs, which may be linked or linked from the APP.
11.2. In the event that the APP directs, through links, to advertising or to third-party web pages or platforms, MÉS K BO is not obliged to control and will not previously control, approve, or make the services, contents, data, files its own. , products and any kind of material existing on the web pages or platforms of third parties, for which MÉS K BO, will not be responsible, except in circumstances to the contrary, for the legality of the contents of these pages and / or applications, being the sole responsibility of the third party, by way of example and not limitation: respect for legality, morality, good customs and public order, of the contents, as well as that they do not infringe the rights of third parties. The existence of a hyperlink does not press a superior class relationship between *MÉS K BO and the owner of the APP page and/or platform on which it is established...


MÉS K BO undertakes to comply with the applicable data protection regulations. The User can consult detailed information on the treatment of their data in the privacy policy.


These Conditions of Use will have an indefinite duration from the registration and subscription of the User (provided that MÉS K BO continues to provide the Services), unless terminated, in accordance with the procedures included in these Conditions of Use and/or other particular conditions. accepted by the User.


14.1. If any of the clauses included in these General Conditions is declared, totally or partially, null or ineffective by any court with competent jurisdiction, the rest of the content will not be affected, continuing in full force and effect.
14.2. All exonerations, exclusions and, where appropriate, indemnities established in the Conditions of Use will remain in force after the end of the relationship, for any reason.
14.3. The absence of individual or partial exercise, or the lack or delay in the exercise of any right, power or remedy by MÉS K BO will not constitute a waiver on its part nor will it exclude or impair any other exercise of right, power or remedy that may be derived from these Terms of Use.
14.4. MÉS K BO reserves the freedom to assign the Conditions of Use to any association or third-party company that requires the prior consent of the Users.
14.5. The User by virtue of the Conditions of Use may not assign, transfer or transfer any of his rights, without the prior written consent of MÉS K BO.
14.6. The Conditions of Use together with the Privacy Policy and/or other particular conditions, constitute the entire agreement between the User and MÉS K BO and replace all previous agreements, including communications, representations or agreements, oral or in writing, respecting the questió funds (except fraudulent representations), does not prejudice that both subscribing specific agreements or contracts.


15.1. The Conditions of Use are governed by what is established in its clauses and, failing that, by the common law of the Principality of Andorra, as well as by its practical and common uses.
15.2. The User and MÉS K BO submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the Principality of Andorra for all those actions and claims that may arise from this relationship, provided that a specific jurisdiction is not established by virtue of imperative law.

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